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First American Funds Marketing Folder
FAF Marketing Folder opened
FAF Insights newsletter/commentary
FAF Portal Page
FAF Reporting materials
FAF Brand Guide cover
FAF Brandmark guidelines
FAF Color guidelines
FAF Brand Photography
BRAND IMPLEMENTATION     |     FIRST AMERICAN FUNDS     |     In-House     |     Orchestration of an updated brand position for the retail marketing channel at FAF Advisors, Inc.. The project included research, a brand audit, creative development, brand guidelines, workflow process, and execution across a wide variety of communications and media.

FAF Asset Allocation Brochure
FAF Asset Allocation Brochure Folder
FAF Real Estate Brochure
FAF Global Infrastructure Brochure
FAF International Select Brochure
FAF Quarterly Materials
FAF Data Presentation
FAF Quilt Poster
FAF Sales Ideas
FAF Strategy Sheets
FAF White Papers
FAF Portfolio Manager Commentary
FAF Outlook 2010
FAF Calendar 2010
FAF Mount Vernon Academy Incentive Award
MARKETING COLLATERAL     |     FIRST AMERICAN FUNDS     |     In-House     |     Implementation of new branding messages, content and visual elements across all lines of communication. With a focus on providing effective tools to the company's sales team, the result was to provide a strong brand presence–plus to streamline workflow processes and reduce production costs with smart design approaches.  

Organic Diva Identity - Business Card
Organic Diva Gift Cards
Organic Diva Dirty Dozen Card
Organic Diva Challenge
Organic Diva Diva Dollars
Organic Diva Product Sheets
Organic Diva Website Design
Organic Diva Selling Emails
Organic Diva Promotional Emails
Organic Diva Brand Family
DESIGN & BRANDING     |     ORGANIC DIVA     |     E-commerce     |     Brand identity and design of promotional materials for both print and web.  

Marshall Field's Home Page 2000
Marshall Field's Home Page 2001
Marshall Field's Home Page 2003
Marshall Field's Online Promotions
Marshall Field's Email Campaigns
Kathie's Finds Home Page
Kathies Finds Site Design
HTIF Site Design
Prolitho Site Design
Minnesota Bound Store
Sorna Home Page
Silverstorm Technologies
The Inculture Group
WEB DESIGN     |     Interactive     |     E-commerce     |     Lead Web Designer for MarshallFields.com from 2000-2004, establishing the brand's first online presence. Also providing web design services independently for a variety of clients and business.  

KTCA, Diary Educator's Guide
KTCA Diary Educator's Guide
Preferred Senior Brochure
Preferred Senior Brochure
Brochure, MN Healthcare.org
Guthrie Program Guide
Scen Magazine, Television Guide
Newton's Apple Educator's Guide
Newton's Apple Educator's Guide
BI Newsletter Template for variable printing
Hearth & Home Technologies Sales Kit
QuadraFire Prodcut Brochure
QuadraFire Product Sheets
Johnston Group Brochure
Centennial Capital Brochure
PRINT DESIGN     |    Collateral     |     Branding     |     Over 20 years of hands on experience providing creative solutions, design, brand value and production expertise to a wide variety of clients and projects.  

Northpoint Identity and Branding
Hearth & Home Technologies product logos
LOGO & IDENTITY     |    Branding     |     Design     |     With an education and background in marketing and design, proven ability to develop visually creative solutions that meet challenges unique to individual business objectives.  



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